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On the Aquino-Yap Altercation


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In a patriarchal society such as ours, being called a father is a no-brainer task. You are one when you could simply provide for your family. But to be called a mother means a lifetime struggle for legitimacy and validation. I understand James’ side, but this time, I would have to support Kris in her battle. I do not encourage taking sides but lemme state to you the objective reasons why I support her.

Yes, Kris Aquino maybe a prominent icon, she maybe sister to the most powerful person in the country, she maybe daughter to two of the best leaders our history ever had, but just like millions of single moms out there, she’s hurt and suffered terribly. That only proves that, after all, despite the fame, money, and power, she is human, subject to pain and err.

Do I know Tetay personally? Certainly not. But her life is an open book to everyone. Let us remember that she is a self-made woman. Whatever she has right now, she earned it through years of hardwork and sacrifice. Her fortune did not come from inheritance but from toiling and sweat.

While it’s true Tetay is a woman of substance and affluency, she is a downright “boba” when it comes to love. One proof is how she did not ask for a Pre-Nuptial Agreement from James. This goes to show how she honors her husband and how faithful she is that their marriage will work. But what did James do? He defiled her by letting this Hope girl suck his cock during his visit in Belo which Tetay paid for in the first place. Now, if James really values his family as he so fervently claims, he would have averted that situation and suppressed his libog.

If James Yap really cared for his son, even if the law is on his side, he would not have taken the millions of pesos from Tetay as settlement for their annulment. That money could have gone to the savings for Bimby’s future. Rage!

Never in the history of Aquinos did they power-trip nor manipulate anyone. If so, then why is James Yap still the highest paid PBA player with a rumored salary of roughly 600k per month? And I doubt if the good President will jeopardize his outstanding performance and the country’s trust just to bully Yap in defence of Tetay? Preposterous!

Well, all of these stem out from our own na├»ve concept of good parenting. Kelan ka ba matatawag na magaling na ama o ina? (When will you be called a good father or mother?) When James Yap spoke up and cried out loud on National TV how he just wanted to be a “Father” to Bimby, lo and behold, the people sympathized with him and called him a good father. But when Kris, in defence of her family’s reputation, faced the public as an afflicted mother, she was deemed as an attention-seeker and a liar.

I question James Yap’s legitimacy as a father! If he really is one, he could have salvaged his family at all cost. When Yap expressed his desire to be a father to his son, everyone admired him. But did he ever process that? HELL NO! Tetay gave him all the time in the world to be a good father. But instead, he maligned his family by falling prey to his carnal needs and polygamous nature.

And this goes to all of the men out there. Nacacadiri ka if you consider yourself a “father” and yet unmarried and living away from your child. In that case, you just “sired” a child and not fathered him/her. Surely, being a father is more than being a provider of material needs. Capal your face to claim a role you have never assumed in the first place.

To all the single moms in the world, never look down on yourself because you have done a remarkable job. I know the family dynamics because I was raised in the same set-up. I honor you for standing strong for your child, raising him/her on your own toiling and blood. I share with your sufferings because I know it is not easy. Being a mother truly is the most noble job a woman could ever have.

As for Tetay, I admire your courage and selfless-ness more than ever despite the judgement and cruelty of many. Your decision to categorically resign from show business is a clear sign of how you put a premium on your children more than yourself and your career. Now that’s processing one’s desire to become a good parent.

As to James Yap and all other men alike, no matter how much bravado you show the public, you can NEVER become a good father. Because a good father stays with his child, honors his wife, fights for his family.

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” ~ Theodore Hesburgh


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